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UV water purification with the OptiLon series

High performance for poor water quality

The purification of heavily contaminated water places the highest demands on all devices. Our validated OptiLon series was developed primarily for UV water purification of poor water qualities and transmissions. The certified AQUAFIDES device series is based on an innovative wiped system that is characterised by an extended range of applications, advanced control and maximum performance. AQUAFIDES OptiLon series systems also ensure safety and quality beyond the drinking water sector.

Concentrated technological innovation

The OptiLon series by AQUAFIDES is our line of UV disinfection devices. They are fully validated in accordance with European standards and rely on an uncompromising certified UV fluence (dose) of 400 joules/m² in accordance with ÖNORM M 5873-1:2020 and DIN 19294-1:2020 (ÖVGW, DWGW, SVGW). OptiLon devices are characterised by high disinfection performance, extending the performance range to water qualities with low UV transmission (permeability). Dimmable UV lamps in the lamp cladding tubes enable perfect output control.

This wiped system also has a specially developed, patented wiper system and a patented, innovative flow concept. With its double rubber lip and stainless steel wire brush, the wiper system ensures that both soft and hard deposits can be easily removed. The OptiLon series is equipped with the new 7-inch graphic TFT display, ensuring excellent control comfort, even under difficult environmental conditions. The (patent-pending) HybridWiper technology for automatic cleaning of the lamp envelope tubes and measuring windows is also included as standard.

The wastewater powerhouse

OptiLon devices are primarily used when sufficient disinfection must be ensured with poor water quality (UV transmission), such as with wastewater, rainwater and re-use water. Even with low UV transmission, the existing water can be cleaned and disinfected. Thanks to the optimised flow concept and the L-design, the disinfection performance can be optimised and contaminated water can be treated for reintroduction into the water cycle. The mechanical wiper system and its automatic drive make the OptiLon series much easier to clean of organic and inorganic deposits. It impresses with its low maintenance requirements, even with poor water quality and the highest cleaning requirements.

AQUAFIDES OptiLon at a glance


Our OptiLon UV water purification systems

The AQAFIDES OptiLon series of UV water purification devices sets new standards in the disinfection of poor quality water. Discover the versatile world of OptiLon and have our experts advise you on the perfect system, installation and customisation. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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