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Aquaflex UV drinking water treatment system from AQUAFIDES

Quality and reliability for domestic use

Clean drinking water is a precious, vital commodity. UV systems are essential in water treatment, and this also applies to private households or small businesses that draw their water from springs or wells. The Aquaflex drinking water treatment UV system from AQUAFIDES is the all-round solution for smaller water flow rates up to a maximum of 9 m³/h. It disinfects water safely and reliably, is easy to install and features simple and intuitive operation.

How our water decontamination system works

Water treatment for household drinking water must meet the highest standards. Bacteria and germs should not get into the drinking water under any circumstances. The focus is on the safe and reliable disinfection of the water; the eradication of pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses. Highly efficient low-pressure UV lamps are used in the home drinking water filter system for this purpose, whose UV light with a wavelength of 254 nm acts directly on the microorganisms. At the same time, the natural quality of the water is not affected at any time. Unlike chlorine treatment, a UV drinking water treatment system has no negative effects on taste or odour.


The Aquaflex series by AQUAFIDES stands out with its versatility in the treatment of drinking water. It is an easy-to-install, intuitive device with low operating costs, and sets itself apart thanks to high utility value, particularly worthwhile in private households that obtain their drinking water from their own wells and are looking for a drinking water home filtration system. Aquaflex is also used to supply drinking and process water to larger buildings and small businesses, for example in agricultural applications. Even industrial companies use UV systems of the Aquaflex series for the treatment of process and industrial water.

AQUAFIDES Aquaflex at a glance


AQUAFIDES Aquaflex at a glance

Discover the compact, economical and powerful UV power of our Aquaflex series for yourself. We will be happy to advise you on the ideal device for your requirements. Get in touch with us today!

Aquaflex 1 AF4


Aquaflex 1 AF4 plus


Aquaflex 2 AF7


Aquaflex 2 AF7 plus