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AQUAFIDES references at a glance

Applications for our UV systems

UV disinfection systems by AQUAFIDES are used in a wide range of applications, from private households to industrial use. Many thousands of devices have been successfully installed worldwide, perfectly customised to individual customer requirements. Take a look at select references and find out how we can fulfil your requirements with our UV disinfection devices – we looking forward to meeting you for a joint consultation.

Wasserwerk Krems (Österreich)

2019 WW Krems

76 l/s (274 m³/h) pro UV-Gerät

T254nm (10mm) = 92%

Typ: 4 x 6AF400T

Lustica Bay (Montenegro)

2022 Lustica Bay

2 x 200 m³/h sekundäres Abwasser

T254nm (10mm) = 45%

Typ: 2 x 8AF640A OptiLon

Stadtwerke Augsburg (Deutschland)

2015 Lochbach

100 – 475 m³/h pro UV-Gerät

T254nm (10mm)= 77.6 – 100% geregelt

Typ: 6 x 8AF400T

Stadtwerke Villach (Österreich)

2017 Obere Fellach

75 l/s (270 m³/h) pro UV-Gerät

T254nm (10mm) = 90%

Typ: 5 x 8AF400T

Wasserverband Nördliches Burgenland (Österreich)

2023 Wampersdorf Wimpassing

Auslegung: 43,2 und 64,8 m³/h

254nm (10mm): 87,4%

Typ: 1x 3 AF400T und 1x 4 AF300T