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Water treatment in the food and beverage industry

UV disinfection for the highest water quality

Without water, all manufacturing and processing operations in the food and beverage sector would be unthinkable. The water used must be free from micro-organisms and reliably available in sufficient quantities at every stage of production. Our UV-light based water treatment in the food and beverage industry fulfils the highest demands in terms of quality, hygiene and efficiency, without the use of additional substances.

How UV disinfection works in the food and beverage sector

The water used must fulfil high hygiene and quality standards – in part due to national and European laws, specifications and guidelines, and often due to even stricter internal company specifications. To guarantee this and, for example, prevent changes in taste, odour or colour caused by microorganisms or additives, gentle and effective pre-treatment is required. UV disinfection has established itself as the preferred method for water treatment in the food and beverage industry. By using UV light, the taste, smell and colour of the water or other liquids remain unchanged. This guarantees the highest water quality and full product purity with minimal contact time, particularly important for water for beverages.

How AQUAFIDES systems are used successfully

Water treatment in the food and beverage industry places high demands on process reliability, connection systems, surfaces, hygiene, cleanability and operational safety. UV systems from AQUAFIDES – specially designed devices from the Compact series – meet all requirements and are used in the following settings:

Less product waste, higher quality, preservation of taste and odour and extended storage time with no need for chemical additives or preservatives. We would be delighted to find the ideal certified solution for hygienic water treatment in your business. Arrange an initial consultation today!