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UV disinfection of wastewater with AQUAFIDES systems

Targeted treatment of wastewater and re-use water

The regulatory requirements for our used wastewater are constantly increasing – whether at a private, municipal, commercial or industrial level. Contaminated and untreated wastewater poses significant risks to the environment. If left untreated and released into the natural environment and/or the water cycle, the microorganisms they contain can lead to problems, contamination and even serious health risks. UV disinfection of wastewater and re-use water has now become established as a common disinfection method. We manufacture UV disinfection systems for water recycling of the highest quality and lay the foundations for UV wastewater treatment and water re-use.

How UV purification of water works

The ‘key to success’ is ultraviolet UVC light. While chemical processes can have a negative impact on the chemical composition of the water, its quality and odour, UV wastewater disinfection treatment is a purely physical process. Targeted use of UV light has a direct effect on the microorganisms in the wastewater, such as viruses or bacteria, inactivating them and preparing the water for safe further disposal or use. This means that re-use water undergoes comprehensive purification and can be fed back into the internal water cycle – safely, sustainably and in an environmentally friendly way.

AQUAFIDES solutions for wastewater and re-use water

The reuse and treatment of contaminated water is becoming increasingly important, considering climate change and increasingly scarce resources. AQUAFIDES UV wastewater treatment systems fulfil all legal requirements and EU directives to protect the environment and public health. OptiLon series devices have been specially developed to treat poor quality water. The fast, comprehensive inactivation of viruses and bacteria takes place even in heavily contaminated water with low UV transmission. You can expect low maintenance thanks to our innovative HybridWiper technology which removes deposits of all kinds, as well as particularly long construction lengths for successful disinfection. Water purified in this way can therefore be recycled and reused.

From municipal drinking water supply to disinfection solutions for industrial plants of various sizes: we will find the ideal system for your requirements. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on UV disinfection of wastewater and re-use water, and will find a solution that is customised to your exact area of application. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.