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AQUAFIDES solutions for UV light water treatment


Water disinfection and water purification with UV light

Validated, certified UV disinfection systems from AQUAFIDES are a first-class solution for a wide range of applications and industries. The system provides hygienic, residue-free sterilisation and purification of water without changing its properties. Targeted UV light water treatments require no chemical additives, guaranteeing the suitability of our products for a range of requirements. You can find an overview of the most common applications for our systems below. Together, we will find the right solution for your requirements!


Purifying water with a UV light filter inactivates bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms and facilitates drinking water quality for private households as well as for larger buildings, municipal supplies and commercial and industrial areas. We ensure healthy water and a healthy environment.

Wastewater / water re-use

Wastewater is full of pollutants that can cause serious problems for human health, the water cycle and nature. During UV light water treatment, high-performance devices ensure purified water that can be re-used in the interests of sustainability.


The highest standards of hygiene are mandatory in the production and bottling of food and beverages. Certified AQUAFIDES systems meet all specifications and regulations, support production processes and ensure the reliable provision of drinking water.


The legal requirements and standards in the pharmaceutical and medical sector place the highest demands on UV water purification. Our certified disinfection devices ensure ultra-pure water and provide comprehensive support for the production of medicines and pharmaceuticals.

Industrial / process water

Industrial use guarantees process safety on many levels. Industrial and process water is treated through targeted TOC reduction and all contaminants are removed before it can be used for various applications – from washing fabrics and fibres to snow-making systems and power plants.