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Pharmaceutical water treatment with AQUAFIDES systems

Certified quality in the pharmaceutical and medical sector

Pharmaceutical water must meet the highest quality and hygiene standards for safe use in the production of medicines and medical technology. The fulfilment of various standards, legal requirements and extremely strict regulations poses major challenges. AQUAFIDES water treatment in the pharmaceutical industry relies on UV technology. Thanks to fast, efficient and cost-effective treatment and cleaning, the certified UV disinfection systems fulfil every requirement for the complete treatment of pharmaceutical water.

Our treatment processes

Plant technology in pharmaceutical and medical areas must meet all kinds of requirements. These include GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), which ensure the quality of active ingredients and drugs from production to storage, as well as the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other national, international and European authorities and organisations. Our systems can be used for a wide range of processes in water treatment for medical technology, such as:

Where AQUAFIDES systems are used

The Compact series by AQUAFIDES is the ideal solution for water treatment in the pharmaceutical sector. It meets high hygiene requirements, prevents any tampering of taste, colour or odour, complies with all regulations and specifications, and ultimately ensures the safety of production facilities, end customers and the environment. This is why our UV disinfection devices are used in the following pharmaceutical situations:

Our UV light systems for pharmaceutical water treatment are available in various designs and lengths. We would be happy to discuss your requirements in a meeting. We can manufacture customised systems on request and will take care of installation and maintenance. Arrange a consultation today!