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AQUAFIDES UV water treatment system manufacturer

About our company

AQUAFIDES, a manufacturer of UV water treatment systems, is an independent European medium-sized company with locations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We specialise in the development, planning, production, installation and maintenance of UV disinfection systems. We place our customers at the centre of our activities; our long-term strategy is orientated towards the tasks that our customers set us. Quality, sustainability and a flexible response to our customers’ needs and changing requirements take centre stage. AQUAFIDES stands for:



FIDES (lat.)

trust, loyalty, reliability



Company history

The AQUAFIDES success story was not written overnight. Over the years, we have been able to carve out an important role for ourselves as a manufacturer in the UV disinfection system sector, continuously developing our series. We are proud to share our development with you:

Foundation of AQUAFIDES GmbH Development of the Compact T series
Foundation of AQUAFIDES Schweiz AG Product launch of the Compact T series
Part ownership of the Katadyn Group Switzerland
Foundation of UVAUDES GmbH Holding 100 % takeover of shares by UVAUDES GmbH
Foundation of AQUAFIDES Germany GmbH
Development of the OptiLon series

Innovation meets expertise

Our decades of experience and expertise in production and our service technicians, sales staff and developers from various disciplines have been successfully incorporated into the further development of our UV disinfection systems. The combined expertise of the company management and employees alongside in-house production and development guarantees the highest product quality, comprehensive service and rapid availability. AQUAFIDES products fulfil a wide range of requirements and can also be optimally adapted to customer needs.

You too can rely on AQUAFIDES expertise – we will find the right certified and validated system for your requirements. Arrange a first consultation today!