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UV drinking water treatment with AQUAFIDES products

Clean, hygienic water without chemical additives

Water is essential for survival – for humans, animals and plants. Our most important foodstuff naturally harbours germs. However, a small portion of these microorganisms can cause problems for human health and lead to illness in certain concentrations. Accordingly, water must first be pre-treated or disinfected before it can be safely consumed as drinking water. Certified, validated AQUAFIDES products for UV drinking water treatment meet the highest requirements in both the private and municipal sectors. They are reliable, environmentally friendly and do not require the use of chemicals.

Professional UV disinfection of drinking water

AQUAFIDES UV drinking water purification systems are primarily used in municipal drinking water supplies. Essentially, every public drinking water system needs a UV drinking water treatment solution to guarantee safe drinking water. This has nothing to do with the basic water quality as such but is due to the necessary reserves for extreme cases, such as bad weather events. AQUAFIDES devices are designed to provide different quality water and can inactivate viruses and bacteria within a very short time. UV drinking water filters are equipped for all eventualities, such as when rainwater or surface material penetrates supply pipes. You are always on the safe side with AQUAFIDES disinfection systems, certified in accordance with ÖNORM M5873-1:2020 and DIN 19294-1:2020 (DVGW, ÖVGW and SVGW).

Where UV drinking water treatment is necessary

We facilitate the comprehensive removal of germs without chemical additives with our extensive product range and three top-class product series. The environmentally friendly AQUAFIDES solutions do not require the handling of toxic substances, excel in efficiency, and fulfil even the highest water quality requirements. The AQUAFIDES series Compact and OptiLon meet all requirements for certified drinking water treatment on a larger scale, while Aquaflex is primarily used in private households. AQUAFIDES is your drinking water expert for:

Would you like to find out more about the many possible applications of AQUAFIDES or are you interested in high-quality, reliable and certified UV drinking water disinfection with a comprehensive service and maintenance programme? We would be happy to receive your enquiry!